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LIFE is a comprehensive assessment and treatment program for promoting a more liberating independence for persons with disabilities.  In the past there have been many attempts to teach life skills within ABA.  However no approach has ever incorporated the power of derived relational responding.  Now we can move from teaching what to learn, to teaching how to learn.    The differences are meaningful, measurable, and life changing.

LIFE integrates seamlessly with the PEAK Relational Training System.  PEAK targets language and cognition abilities, and LIFE focuses on building new adaptive functional abilities.  Are you already using a different life-skill assessment?  Don't worry, the transition to LIFE is quick and easy.  

Take the guesswork out of what to teach, how to teach, and when to teach a certain skill.  LIFE is easy to follow from assessment to intervention targets and provides many examples of strategies to accelerate skill development.

Designed and authored by Dr. Mark R. Dixon, author of the PEAK and AIM curriculums.  With over 250 peer-reviewed publications in his career, Dr. Dixon knows how to produce materials that deliver results for clients.   

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